grill cover
Most of the barbecue is covered with a lid. Experts on grilling in one voice argue that this attribute is mandatory. Its obvious functions are protection from dust and foreign particles while the grill is not being used, unobvious ones suggest an expansion of culinary possibilities, but in which direction – and remains for some a mystery. We tried to understand this question and find out when it is necessary to use the grill cover while frying the steak.

Many meat grilling recipes start with the standard advice – quickly fry the steak on both sides for 2-3 minutes on high heat. You can choose best grill cover at this source right now. But this method hides in itself a lot of nuances about which the authors somehow prefer to keep silent. This method is suitable for strictly defined conditions: the temperature of the grill should be 310-370 ° C, room temperature at which the meat needs to lie down after it was taken out of the refrigerator, on the order of 20-22 ° C, the air temperature should be 27-32 ° C, and the thickness of the meat is about 2.5 cm. Approaching the necessary conditions and getting a uniformly fried steak in individual cases helps the lid. But about everything in order.

Cover – the most important part of the grill system Original (OGS) WEBER. This system means that all WEBER grills are technically thought out, the distance between the heating source and the product being cooked, as well as the volume of the grill boiler, are optimally calculated, due to which the correct, controlled heat circulation occurs. The lid helps ensure that the product is thoroughly fried on all sides quickly and evenly.

Operate the internal air circulation system with air dampers. This allows you to adjust the heating in the most precise manner and apply various methods of cooking on the grill. Only then does the true enjoyment of the cooking process begin.

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