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A personal computer has long ceased to be just a working tool, now it is increasingly used for entertainment purposes. On the computer you can watch movies and cartoons, play games and listen to music, and also do many more things, most of which are accompanied by sound. Sound is one of the main components that help to fully experience the beauty of the computer’s multimedia capabilities. To ensure proper sound characteristics, a good sound card and a normal speaker system (or as people say – speakers) are necessary. In this post, we’ll look at tips on how to choose the speakers for your computer.
A speaker is a sound emitter that consists of one or more speakers placed in a special enclosure. Several columns (at least two) – are an acoustic system.
The main technical characteristics of the speakers are:
1. The type of speakers
Depending on the presence of an internal amplifier, the speakers are active and passive. You’ll find computer speaker reviews at this website now. In the active speakers, an internal audio amplifier is built in, which allows you to obtain a sufficient sound level without using external amplifiers.
In the passive speaker columns there is no amplifier, so most often they are used with external amplifiers.
At first glance, active and passive speakers can be distinguished by the fact that the active ones have their own power supply (electric cord), and the passive ones are powered by the device to which they are connected.
Most modern computer speakers are active.
2. Power of the speakers.
The power of the speakers determines the strength and volume of the sound that they can reproduce. In active speakers, the power depends on the power of the built-in amplifier, in passive – on the power of the signal from the transmitter. It is measured in Watts.
It is necessary to distinguish between nominal, maximum and peak power.
The nominal power of the speakers is the power at which they will operate normally and produce sound without distortion.
Maximum power is the power at which the speakers will also work, but the sound quality may deteriorate (the speakers will wheeze).
Peak power is the maximum power that a system can withstand for a very short time without being damaged.

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